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Coaching & Holistic Support Services for a Successful Future

Clear blocks to your best life with a customized approach of coaching, clearing, visionary work, Reiki and more!

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Your Thoughts = Your Reality

  • Why am I stuck in a rut?

  • Am I ever going to make more money?

  • Why do I keep dating the wrong people?

Reiki and psychic mediumship

New Thoughts = New Reality

  • I am advancing in my career and in my life!

  • I am making more money than I need to support my family!

  • I am in the relationship of my dreams!

Change Your Reality Right Now! Reduce Anxiety!

Intuitive and holistic consulting services to guide you on your path including:


  • Anxiety Reduction Services 

  • Intuitive Coaching 

  • Visionary Guidance 

  • Spiritual Response Technique and Spiritual Counseling 

  • End of Life Doula 

  • Reiki

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health wellness life coach along your path


SRT identifies the root causes of your current challenges and works to clear them subconsciously so that you may grow into the highest possible expression of yourself.


A coach is a partner on your team to help you identify and reach your goals. These can be related to health, career, relationships, anxiety, and more. Together, we clearly formulate your goals and develop an action plan for you to achieve them.

Visionary Consults

As you determine the next steps you need to take to achieve your goals, information from the Universe can be used to help make decisions for your highest and best good. Learn how. 
Jennifer Gabriel, psychic healer

Meet Jennifer: Unique Intuitive Coach & Holistic Healer

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Scientist.  Coach.  Holistic Healer.   Educator.   

Combine two decades of experience with a passion for helping people heal and live their best life, and you have a committed partner in your journey.  Together we will clear your blocks, look towards your future, and move you forward in achieving your dreams.

It is absolutely possible to change your life and begin to receive the abundance, peace, and joy you truly deserve. This happens by taking charge of both your conscious and subconscious minds. By consciously changing your thoughts and clearing negative energy that has been building in your subconscious, you're taking the first steps to making your dreams a reality. 

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Kind words from happy clients

"Jennifer is by all means the most clear and accurate messenger from Source that I have come across in a very long time! She is generous in sharing any information she receives in a helpful, loving manner. She is definitely tapped into our Divine Creator and the Source of all information that is available to us everyday.  When we have the illusion of feeling separated from this, due to our crazy busy lives, you can count on Jennifer to help you feel realigned! I highly recommend her for any work regarding spiritual guidance, may it be clearings, readings or even if you just feel you need a Spiritual Kick!”    

Lucia Cochran

Psychic and Reiki Healing

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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