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Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer

About Jennifer Gabriel

The day an internationally renowned medium "kicked" me in a gallery setting to do this work is the day I accepted my path with joy and love. 


No one knew I wanted to help people as a coach, reduce the discomfort of others with energy work, guide those needing hope with spirituality, and be able to support families as their loved ones prepare to cross over.  

For some of us, our calling is a soft and subtle knowing. For others like myself, thinking they had already found their calling in a different industry, it comes from sternly being told otherwise in front of a hundred people while trying to go unnoticed...and knowing deep down it was right, and it was long overdue.


I am proof that determination, positive thinking, and releasing subconscious blocks can help you reach your dreams. My unique style in working with clients integrates a very grounded approach to navigating life with intuitive and uplifting messages and affirmations. I'm honored to be a part of your team and look forward to meeting you where you are, and helping you get exactly where you were meant to be.

Education and Certifications as Coach & Healer

Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Certified End of Life Doula
Advanced SRT Practitioner

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner 


Ordained Reverend

Master's Degrees:  Molecular Biosciences and Education

Bachelor of Science: Biology 

Certified Educator in 6 areas

life coach and reiki healer
Rev. Jennifer Gabriel, psychic and reiki master

Jennifer’s unique approach as certified health & wellness coach, doula and healer

As a trained scientist, working with Energy and the Universe makes complete sense.


Energy is never created or destroyed.  It changes form.  It’s how we harness that energy that determines how we heal, how we live our life and how we communicate with each other and with the Universe (or other terms that align with your beliefs). This is why our Soul continues on after the change called “death” on this plane. We are all energetic beings.

​I am fully grounded, very practical, analytical, and have a Type A personality!  Yet I easily connect with Energy, teach the Laws of the Universe, and am deeply spiritual.  I can help you reduce anxiety and achieve your life goals by partnering with you on making changes to your conscious and subconscious minds. I can softly support you or be strong force of encouragement depending on what you need.  


I am incredibly detail-oriented which leads to comprehensive clearings and looking at blocks and life challenges from a variety of systematic angles in order to pave the way for you to manifest your desires. Receive pure holistic guidance founded on love and support for your highest and best good. 

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“My SRT clearing was combined with a reading and was incredibly specific.  The accuracy was mind blowing.  I came to this a skeptic because my wife made me do it.  I left a believer.  I'm coming back for a coaching series.” 

Devon K., Morris County, NJ

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