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Oracle Cards and Angel Card Readings

Divine messages from the Angels come in a gentle and loving way during an angel card reading session.

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What are angel cards?

Angel Cards are a divination tool that works with Angels and Archangels to provide messages related to your past, present, and future.


Angel Cards are a beautiful and gentle alternative to the Tarot. Angel card readings are for entertainment purposes only and do not provide medical or psychological advice.

What happens during an angel card reading?

When I conduct an angel card reading, all of my clair senses become heightened and I typically integrate additional messages received psychically, intuitively, or as a spiritual medium.

Happy angel card reading clients

“My Angel Card reading provided so much background for my present situation and the future advice was spot on.  That perspective made me realize I can and should make different choices.  And then my uncle came through unexpectedly.  So beautiful.” Maria O., Mount Pocono, PA

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