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Intuitive & Visionary Sessions

With Energy Healer Jennifer Gabriel

Intuitive messages for your highest and best good in order to help you reach your goals.  

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

How do intuitive readings work?

Energy exists throughout the Universe and how that energy is interpreted is what brings messages to a means of support and help for you to make the next right decision. 


Energy is sensed by our physical senses and then interpreted to make meaning.  Read more about how I work as a healer and coach.

It’s important to remember that messages come in divine timing for your highest and best good from the most appropriate source.  The types of messages are different depending on the source. My commitment is to be a neutral and clear channel for you to receive the information that you need when you need it.     


These services are for entertainment purposes only.

Happy intuitive reading clients

"Jennifer is by all means the most clear and accurate messenger from Source that I have come across in a very long time! She is generous in sharing any information she receives in a helpful, loving manner. She is definitely tapped into our Divine Creator and the Source of all information that is available to us everyday.  When we have the illusion of feeling separated from this, due to our crazy busy lives, you can count on Jennifer to help you feel realigned! I highly recommend her for any work regarding spiritual guidance, may it be clearings, readings or even if you just feel you need a Spiritual Kick!”    Lucia Cochran

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