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Subconscious & Discordant Energy Clearing

A Powerful Tool to Clear Blocks and Create Positive Change


What is Spiritual Response Technique?

Spiritual Response Technique/Therapy, or SRT is a method that works to remove discordant energy and release programs that block us or cause problems in our life. It targets energy and programs in our subconscious that have accumulated over time, and allow us to heal and grow. SRT identifies the root cause of current challenges and works to clear them so that you may expand into the highest possible expression of yourself!

What happens during a clearing?

As an Advanced SRT practitioner, I work as a neutral and clear channel so that together we can clear blocks and support 100% positive change. A binder of charts is used to indicate programs that need to be cleared,  and provide insight on how to move forward in your highest and best good.  Sessions may also include affirmations and conscious strategies for success. 

Happy  clients

“I finally realized that subconsciously, I was running a self-punishment program. I couldn’t move forward in relationships because I thought I didn’t deserve love.  I am grateful for the detailed clearing and looking at myself and love differently.”  Michael D., Mercer County, NJ


“SRT works on pets!  I couldn’t believe that clearing my dog helped him calm down and become less destructive.”  Mark S., New York, NY

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