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Testimonials for Divine Support

"I just started seeing Jennifer for coaching and I know I found the right partner!  She is understanding, funny, intelligent and really knows her stuff about so many things. She worked with me to frame my goals and develop a plan to meet them. She even holds me accountable in the kindest way while helping me see how I'm really the only one holding me back.  I know my life will only get better going forward."  Kristen G., Morris County, NJ  

“Insightful, inspiring, thought provoking.  Left me reflecting on life events, choices, and what I needed to let go of in order to move past obstacles I was facing.”  Samantha R., Bergen County, NJ

“I finally realized that subconsciously, I was running a self-punishment program. I couldn’t move forward in relationships because I thought I didn’t deserve love.  I am grateful for the detailed clearing and looking at myself and love differently.”  Michael D., Mercer County, NJ

“Just wow.  I can’t believe how much negativity I was carrying and how light that I feel with it removed.  I feel like a new person, and now I know what it actually feels like to literally feel happy.”  Alexa M., Sussex County, NJ

"Jennifer is by all means the most clear and accurate messenger from Source that I have come across in a very long time! She is generous in sharing any information she receives in a helpful, loving manner. She is definitely tapped into our Divine Creator and the Source of all information that is available to us everyday.  When we have the illusion of feeling separated from this, due to our crazy busy lives, you can count on Jennifer to help you feel realigned! I highly recommend her for any work regarding spiritual guidance, may it be clearings, readings or even if you just feel you need a Spiritual Kick!”    Lucia Cochran

“My visionary consult provided so much background for my present situation and the future advice was spot on.  That perspective made me realize I can and should make different choices.  And then my uncle came through unexpectedly.  So beautiful.” Maria O., Mount Pocono, PA

“My SRT clearing was combined with a reading and was incredibly specific.  The accuracy was mind blowing.  I came to this a skeptic because my wife made me do it.  I left a believer.  I'm coming back for a coaching series”  Devon K., Morris County, NJ

“SRT works on pets!  I couldn’t believe that clearing my dog helped him calm down and become less destructive.”  Mark S., New York, NY

"The energy shift in my house after a clearing was amazing.  It feels great being home again."  Rebecca E., Morris County, NJ

"On my third day of a migraine I saw Jennifer for Reiki. In one session it was gone and I was pain free!" Ann B., Bergen County, NJ

"It was like she grew up with me! There is no way she could have known the specifics of what my childhood was like and how that was holding me back today.  Together we released it and I see a new world ahead!" 

Maritza Rodriguez

"One of the most eye-opening experiences.  I felt an energy shift during the clearing and saw results afterwards.  The visionary reading was also incredibly accurate."   Deborah Smith

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